Classroom is a sensitive environment for all students because everybody is waiting from them many things: work, carness and good attitude. Under that pressure teenagers can explod but it's not a big deal, It's all depends on how we react as a teacher, I follow My way RUHA way.
my way to handle teenagers
my way to handle teenagers

Respect: To gain respect must show respect and teenagers must be respected, never make a joke on their hair cut or their brain IQ, trust them, if they let you down, don't scandalize thing.
Understand: if we want to understand teenagers, we must remember ourselves teenagers, many things we see it wrong or bad, they see it normal and exciting, it's like a game, as a teacher, i ask them about their be havior gently, like when they dance during class i tried to clap or sing.
Help: Try to devote your self to help them mentaly and emotionally you are their back up.

Accept: teachers and monitors must accept the differences between generations (gap generation) so never try to put old shoes on teenager's feet. It's just wrong, the way my students talk or wear, makes me nervous but i don't say anything. I ashed them to show me writing on their cloths and i make my fashion opinion. 


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