Recently, united nations report put education in morocco in the last level, and results of students in public school are very disapppointing. The whole educatif system is wrong.
Comparing public school to private one, we face shocking results.
- The average of succes in private schools is huge: students who can talk foreign language are many, discipline and manners does exist.
- public schools still suffer absences, mediocre language level. beside violence.
the ultimate conspiracy: Public school goes down
the ultimate conspiracy: Public school goes down
Public schools teachers are blamed and accused to be lazy and careless.
As one of them, i would like to show some facts we can't ignore.
- Hours of teaching: 30 hours per week, no out side activities, no play grounds, no multi media class.
- Numbers of class for one teacher: I teack more than one class at the time.
- Numbers of students for one class: nearly 40 students.
- Home support for student: none
- Buidings: old, cracked, not equiped, some cases no watter, no electricity.
- Salary of teachers: the lowest salary in morocco.
From economic side; public school costs country big budget (roads, play grounds...) but private schools cost nothing actually, it's an investment (income) each month, parents pay, each day parents support their children to guarrentee good reputation for private school.
Morocans have made their decision to condemn public teachers, a fact only government can change it by spending money on schools that deserve it.


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